Daily Lenten devotional 3.12.16

Day 32, Week 5:  Strength in the Lord (Rock)

build step 6

Read:  Psalm 144:1-2

God gives us the armor of his strength and security for our battles.  But he also strengthens our spiritual muscles so we can take action in battles.  Just as I become physically stronger with weight training, I become spiritually stronger with every trial I face.  Earlier in my faithwalk, when trials came I first turned to all kinds of things for strength, like friends, family, or food, before I turned to God.  Now that he has strengthened me through battles, I turn to him first much more often, and I feel more prepared for upcoming trials.


How is God training you for battle?  What trials are you facing today in which you can draw upon God’s strength?


Daily Lenten devotional 3.10.16

Day 30, Week 5:  Strength in the Lord (Rock)

Read:  Matthew 7:24-25

build step 6

Last year I experienced the worst crisis of my adult life.  With the emotional storms raging, I felt an inner calm because I was so dependent on God to bring me through.  Many scriptures gave me strength, especially Psalm 18, which speaks of God as a rock and refuge.  I know I could not have come through that trial without a solid, time-tested foundation in God’s word, strengthened by years of Bible study and memorization.


What is one action you can take today to strengthen your spiritual foundation?

Daily Lenten devotional 3.9.16

Day 29, Week 5:  Strength in the Lord (Rock)

Read:  1 Corinthians 10:1-4

build step 6

This week our focus is on the rock that covers the cave opening of the resurrection garden.  When the Israelites traveled through the wilderness, they grumbled for water.  When Moses asked for help, God provided life-giving water from a rock that Moses struck with his staff.  In today’s passage, Paul refers to that rock as a picture of Christ.  Jesus is our spiritual rock who was struck in his crucifixion so we may have eternal life.  He is the source of strength and sustenance for every believer.


How has Jesus been your Rock?