Daily Lenten devotional 3.18.16

Day 38, Week 6:  God Directs (Path)

path w grass

Read:  Proverbs 3:5-6

Make no mistake—the Christian life is a difficult path.  God is not likely to send direct messages on which way to go.  Sometimes it’s hard to see the next step, much less the whole path.  This verse is a promise.  God will make your paths straight as you trust him, depend on him more than on yourself, and acknowledge him in all things.  Trust him—he is holy, all-powerful, transcendent, and sovereign over your life.  Depend on him—recognize your selfish tendencies and rely on him to lead you.  Acknowledge him—declare him as Lord over your past, present, and future, in all ways and in all things.  God will not remove all pain and difficulty from your path.  However, as you grow in faith, he will make your path straight instead of wayward.


In what ways might God straighten your path as you trust in him?

Daily Lenten devotional 3.16.16

Day 36, Week 6:  God Directs (Path)

path w grass

Read:  Psalm 23:3

In life’s grey areas, I have often struggled with decisions.  Should I break off a relationship?  Should I make a different career choice?  Should I put more effort into creative projects, or focus on necessary tasks?  This verse brings me clarity.  God wants me to make wise choices for his glory.  When it’s a matter of what’s best for me at the time, I can trust God to guide me through prayer, his Word, and his church.  When I allow God to guide me along the path of righteousness, even in life’s grey areas, I bring God glory.


Do you have a grey-area decision that needs God’s guidance today?