Welcome to my blog!  Thank you for your visit today.

Why I Write

img_1150My spiritual journey is represented in the life cycle of a sunflower, named Helianthus in Latin.

Sunflowers are among the tallest of flowers, but require only average or poor soil to reach towering heights. As a child of divorce, I grew up in less than favorable conditions, but my pain allowed me to climb spiritual heights.

As sunflowers grow, their faces follow the sun. I have looked to my Father God for help in navigating difficult pathways as an adult child of divorce, particularly in my marriage to another adult child of divorce.

After sunflowers bloom, their heads droop with the weight of many seeds. Birds feed on the seed heads, and some seeds drop to the ground to become new flowers next year. Often the weight of my past feels like a heavy burden, yet I recognize my story holds potential to bless others, who are like birds. I strive to break dysfunctional cycles for my three young children, who are seeds of new flowers.

Jesus said, “Very truly I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. But if it dies, it produces many seeds.” You could say the same about a sunflower seed, or about a person who practices self-sacrifice so others may grow in faith.

This is why I share my story with you. I pray you will come to know the God of the Bible as your perfect Heavenly Father in your own life story as I have come to know him in mine.

My Writing Schedule

Beginning 3.29.2016, I will post on the following schedule:

  1. Each week I will choose a topic of healing or struggle as an adult child of divorce.  Three posts each week will expand the theme.  For example, loneliness, trust, etc.
  2. My posting schedule will be Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  3. I will post a memoir poem on Tuesdays.  Thursdays I will post an essay.  On Saturdays I will post a devotional.

An Invitation

Please join me on my journey of hurt, healing, and hope.  I look forward to getting to know you better on my blog.  Here are a few of my most popular blog posts:

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Your comments are always appreciated, as they help me become a better writer.  Thanks again for stopping by.




6 thoughts on “About

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  2. jacqui

    You are so organised! Love it! I too am an artist although I haven’t painted much in years. I adore photography and you have given me an idea of how to show my photography thank you! I love your analogy of the falling sunflower seeds just beautiful! Bless you Sarah! Did you know that your name means ‘Beautifufl’? …… jacqui xx


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