Curses and blessings of a powerful memory

numbersAs a high school freshman, I sat in the school counselor’s office, counting numbers backward.  To test my aptitude, he told me a series of random numbers (36, 71, 42, and so on) and asked me to recite them backward.  I got a perfect score every time.  I didn’t understand why he was so impressed—my memory has always been strong.

A powerful recall runs in my family.  My great-grandmother touched my curly hair and ruminated. When she lost her hair to diphtheria as a young girl, she felt devastated.  But when it grew back curly, she felt joyful.  I learned from her that visual cues and feelings are keys to retrieving memories.


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3 New Gear Shifts with my Posts

gearsMy three favorite writing formats are poetry, essay, and devotionals.  Now that my Lenten series is finished, I will begin a new posting schedule with these formats, beginning 3.29.2016.  Here’s what will be new:

  1. Each week I will choose a topic of healing or struggle as an adult child of divorce.  Three posts each week will expand the theme.  For example, loneliness, trust, etc.
  2. My posting schedule will be Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  3. I will post a memoir poem on Tuesdays.  Thursdays I will post an essay.  On Saturdays I will post a devotional.

Please join me on my journey of hurt, healing, and hope.  I look forward to getting to know you better on my blog.  Thank you for reading, and all of your feedback helps me become a better writer.