Reforming the Spheres

A range of emotions swept over me as I watched the video clips before the sermon.  Shock, since I don’t meet face-to-face with such secular worldviews in my job at a Christian school.  A mix of fear and overwhelm and doubt, since I try so hard to prepare my children to be lights in this dark world, but will my work be enough?  Then I felt thankful, realizing God has given me faith since early childhood.  If it wasn’t for His claim on my life, I could easily have the same vague, inaccurate picture of Him and His Word like the people on the video.  Finally I felt compassion, remembering that Jesus wants me to care for and reach out to those people who don’t yet know him.

In my two years at a Christian college, I learned that relativism is one of the greatest challenges believers face in a post-Christian culture.  Relativism is the lack of belief in ultimate truth; anyone can create their own definition of what is true.  One woman in the video said, “I pray every day, but spiritually I do my own thing.” A man said he finds spiritual answers in science.  Another man said perhaps there is a “spiritual force” that rules the universe, but we cannot understand it.

These views stand in stark contrast to the Christian worldview of one God in three persons who we can know through his Word, which is holy, without error, and inspired by the Holy Spirit.  I am excited about this sermon series, because studying the Bible’s themes will strengthen our worldview as believers and help us discern between falsehood and truth.

Another truth I remember from college is that we can reform our spheres of influence.  Our extended family is a sphere, our workplace is a sphere, the gym, the coffee shop, and so on.  If we see these spheres as our personal mission fields and pray for God’s guidance, we will develop compassion and notice opportunities to fan a spark of faith.

I don’t want to live with a spirit of fear or judgment toward unbelievers; I want to see them as thirsty people who need the living water of Jesus.  When I study the Bible regularly, I become more aware of opportunities and I am less fearful and judgmental.  When I fall off track, my awareness plummets and my fear and judgment rise.  I am looking forward to regularly studying the Bible in the coming weeks and seeing what opportunities God presents in my spheres.

Which people in your spheres need your influence this week?

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